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Our Services

Going Beyond
to Address the Root Cause ...

"The doctor of the future will give no medication
but will interest his patients in the
care of the human frame,
diet and in the cause and prevention of disease"

- Thomas Edison -


Get in sync with raising your frequencies.  Create an atomosphere for improving emotion, wellBEing, recovery and being present using the healing intelligence of aromatic oils with pesticide-free and organic blends specifically designed with you in mind.


Unlock, expand, and explore Spiritual, emotional, and physical horizons.  Introducing the depths of meditative breathing and movement so you enhance your own creative awakening and intuitive listening while your physical body pursues a state of wellness.

Health Coaching

Day-to-Day, living the life of vibrancy and good health is a goal for most.  Having a coach will help you land your health goals and live like you mean it.  Our coaching is Integrative and Holistically centered.  For your diet, gain 100% plant-based nutrition, Raw Veganism and Fruitarian guidance.   For your lifestyle, build healthy habits, initiate true happiness and create wellBEing.

Clinical Iridology

Every cell has a life of its own.  The state of each cell contributes to the overall state of your health.  Cellular activity inside your body most often show up in the eyes before you see or notice any manifestation - even prior to what can be detected by medical tests.  Mental, Spiritual, and emotional tendencies and events also showcase in the eyes.  Gaining insight at this level is priceless.

Clinical Herbalism

Achieve better health and wellness with proven techniques for deep tissue detoxification, cellular regeneration, and balance at the cellular level.  There is no better way to heal yourself  Spirit - Mind - Body.  Our phytomedicine is  carefully crafted, pesticide free, organic and wildcrafted to bring more harmony to your healing journey.

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