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  • We enjoy a good joke

  • Time for fun and relaxation is necessary

  • We believe we can catch a tiger by its toe

  • What goes in, will come out

  • Transformation takes dedicated effort and time

  • Stop limiting yourself and start speaking the language of leaps & bounds

  • Listening goes in all directions, because we never know where or when inspiration will strike

  • The wonders of good food and nutrition will never cease to amaze us

  • Living the vibe puts an undeniable smile on your face and a deep happiness in your heart

  • and for everything, all it takes is, "... a drop to begin"

with the right commitment, knowledge and encouragement, this is surprisingly so much more than possible.  It is entirely electrifying.

The Practitioners

Nature, time and patience are the three great physicians.

- Bulgarian Proverb -


a person actively engaged in an art, discipline or profession, especially medicine

a practitioner conducts exams, assessements, evaluations, consultations with advisement, prescriptions for medicine(s) and referrals to other practitioners / specialists as needed


an incredible journey begins with belief & integrity





board certified holistic health practitioner

clinical iridologist

clinical herbalist


integrative nutrition health coach

yoga instructor

raw vegan, fruitarian  culinary artisan

board certified holistic health practitioner

clinical iridologist

clinical herbalist


integrative nutrition health coach

yoga instructor

raw vegan, fruitarian  culinary artisan

To become extraordinary, you have to be extraordinary in the now.  Change your mind, change your thinking, and do the work.  If you are dependent on pills, this is not the place for you.  Healing can be a challenge and you need to exercise stamina and flexibility to get through it.  That is your resilience shining!  And when you commit to the lifestyle changes that help you heal, your wellBEing and status of health increases your resilience to illnesses and injuries.

We are trained as Clinical Iridologists, Clinical Herbalists, Regenerative Detoxification Specialists, Aromatherapists, Yoga Instructors and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches.  In Yoga, one often hears phrases like, "Thank you for showing up to your mat today".  This is a sacred space for you to connect and look deeply inward.  When you use phytomedicines and embrace healing practices, there is no unseeing its Power.  We can't forget where we have come from.  And it was not overnight.  It is important that you show up for yourself.

Every effort counts and lands a movement toward true healing.  We are skilled in helping you become aware of your status internally and externally.  However, all we can do is point you in a direction and you must take it from there.

sacred space

authentic care

The idea that you have come this far to consider having this conversation is a large step.  Some have spent too much time being miserable and worn out from chronic illness.  We don't like suffering.  And we do not accept temporary "good days", when there is more that can be accomplished.  We want all days to be great!  

bZengi was developed to address chronic illness head on.  Some people work on their health before a major illness occurs.  Other's may not consider healthier choices until something happens that is life-changing.  And when approaches to healing seem to become a cycle of "nothing's improving" or "it's back again", it can often feel it's too late to do something about it.  For all stages of health, it's time to take a deeper look. 


Don't feel bad if you are unfamiliar with Natural Healing.  You will find mind and heart-opening Truths that will never be forgotten.  Your body is intent on healing and the Plant Kingdom knows exactly how to do that.

here's what we'd like you to know

Writing Paper

from Tyra & Martin

We live with the Supernatural qualities of God's healing plants, every single day.  And we are still in awe of how powerful plants are.  You will be surprised to know what plants do to confront all levels of conditions of the body.  And we do not take this gift for granted.  We are always grateful for this knowledge and skills to change lives for the better.

You will find that, in natural healing methods, there is a learning curve to understanding what your body and plants already know.  The paths of healing are many.  Plants and the body work together in partnership. 


For us, creation of phytomedicines is in the practice of traditional medicine - making techniques ;   wholistic medicines and practices approach the "whole person".  This makes the modality of this science as expansive as humanity itself.  The intelligence of plant medicines is so vast that it must treat the underlying cause of dis-ease.  *Studies and experience prove that using concentrated extracts of specific medicinal constituents does not work as well as the whole plant method.


** ". . . and it is well known that isolated constituents may not elicit the same clinical response as a preparation of the whole plant.  The total therapeutic activity is often greater than or at least different from the activities of the individual chemicals. "

There are some situations where concentrated extracts and supplements may be recommended for a period of time.

 We will share important points to help you get through.

From our journey to yours,

    Tyra & Martin

* Tisserand, M. (2015). Aromatherapy vs MRSA (-1st ed.). Singing Dragon.

**Hoffman, D., FNIMH, AHG (2003). Medical Herbalism; The Science And Practice of Herbal Medicine (p. 25). Healing Arts Press.

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