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As you detox and heal, the eyes will reflect changes taking place.  You may even experience differences in the color of your eyes.   It takes some time to see the evolvements.  And we are happy to explain divergences taking place as they occur.

Eye Changes

Clinical Iridology

neuro - optic analysis that delivers the details you must know

Liver Health

Digestive disorders including liver insufficiencies. 

Kidney Health

Genetic marker indicating kidney deficiency.  This particular marker is also related to heart health issues.

Pancreas Health

Pancreatic weakness.   Diabetes.  Also specfic signs of digestive disorders and bowel dysfunction.  Much work required for brain & gut health.

a biological capsule

Every Neuro-Optic Analysis is a deep study into your individual health condition.  Each cell, tissue, organ, and system of the body is reflected within the eye.  Iridology examines the irides and also indicators of the sclera (the white of the eye).  

The result of Iridology is identifying the root cause of dis-ease.  It brings focus to the quality of attention that should be provided.

Clinical Iridology

an ancient science, dating back to over 6,000 years ago, by which tissue strengths and weaknesses are distinguished.  It offers a path to know where to begin on the road to true healing regardless of genetics or acquired infirmities.  It is a delicate and powerful insight into your wellBEing.


- Rumi -

The light which shines in the eye is really the light of the heart.

Iris Mapping

Our past, present and future experiences and goals create who we are at this moment.  We all have weaknesses of sorts.  We are affected by our food, emotions, environment, habits and mindset.  Each aspect of our life has a tangible effect on the body.  With every fiber of our being, there is an echo of our true state of health embedded in the irides.  

Our eyes also present our potential.  Meaning, you will be aware of what lifestyle choices can awaken for you sooner or later down the road.

Iris Mapping is a guide to what is occurring on a cellular level.  Information gathered from observations is analyzed and interpreted.  This Neuro-Optic Analysis reveals four (4) layers of health that call for our attention:

  • Acute

  • Sub - Acute

  • Chronic

  • Degenerative

The irides identify specific organs, tissues and even emotions that have settled within the body, bringing causation to dis-ease and illness.

eye changes

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