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Clinical Herbalism

techniques & protocols
that get results

Clinical Herbalism

the practice of ancient, traditional herbal protocols and modern medical science are used for the benefit of bringing clients into balance so the Physicological, Psychological, and Spiritual bodies enter a state of alignment and wellBEing.  In working with clients, Clinical Herbalists get to know the unique person in front of them because every experience throughout each life yields varying states of health. 


- J.H. Tilden, MD -

Disease cannot be its own cause; neither can it be its own cure, and certainly not its own prevention.

Clinical Herbalists and Regenerative Detoxification Specialists do not recognize names of diseases.  The name for the dis-ease is unnecessary.  Diagnosis given by medical professionals assists them in identifying their procedures as dictated by their industry guidelines and mandates.  If you already have a medical diagnosis, simply communicate this information with us. 

Our position is to guide you through the process of confronting ill conditions of the body through assessing the needs of the entire (whole) person, Spirit - Mind - Body.  

Love.  Prana.  Movement.  Plants.


Getting a Neuro-Optic Analysis is highly recommended.  Clinical Iridologists see the areas of the body that are weakened and clearly define the steps that need to be taken to get the body back into a state of wellBEing.  Weakened tissues are a result of genetics, lifestyle, acquired injury (trauma) or environmental exposure(s).  Having a name (diagnosis) for the experiences you are encountering never changes the state of the tissues.  For example, a medical diagnosis of  lung cancer does not change the knowledge that there is serious pathology, including cancer, in the lung tissues.  We all express dis-ease differently.  Our calling is to understand your symptoms, identify the root causes of those dis-ease(s), then clean and strengthen those tissues.


The body is Divinely designed to heal itself.  We layout the exact method(s) to help you get back to vibrant health as quickly as possible.  These methods include phytomedicine(s), nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments.

Herbal medicines / therapeutics do not shock the system into action.  While there are fast acting herbs for those pressing urgent matters, herbs are gentle and most are Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS).   The beauty of working with herbal formulae is that while addressing specific areas of the body, herbs always help other other tissues and systems as well.  We refer to it as "kissing other paths along the way to their destination".  In addition, Clinical Herbalism brings the gift of addressing symptoms and fixing root causes - usually without side effects commonly known with pharmaceuticals.


Clinical Herbalist understand potentials and dangers in integrating pharmaceutical medications with herbal prescriptions.  We guide you so that you are safely following prescriptions provided by us.  We encourage you to remain in clear communication with us and your medical practitioner(s) regarding pharmaceuticals given by them, as well as, herbal medicines.

the work

Regenerative Detoxification

Our Clinical Herbalists are also skilled Regenerative Detoxification Specialists.  In Regenerative Detoxification processes, the tissues are being cleansed on a cellular level.  Remember, 

dis-ease is a state of unhealthy cells living in an acidic condition.  There are two (2) sides to chemistry - Alkalinity and Acidity.  Through the help of a detox, tissues regenerate with healthy cells.   All elements that the body encounters or ingests become information to the body that triggers chemical reactions.  Detoxification is necessary to get the cells on track with health.  Regenerative Detoxfication Specialists are highly proficient in identifying protocols that do just that.

what to expect

Consultations with us will include discussions and / or demonstrations on:

  • Herbal Protocol Recommendations

  • Nutrition & Diet

  • Elimination

  • Exercise

  • Spiritual Health

  • Emotional Health

  • Hygiene

  • Lifestyle

high quality phytomedicine formulae

It's our integrity to provide the most effective medicine possible.  This means we cannot source plants from just anywhere.  Our partners include small farmers who care very strongly about the health of the land, plant growth, and sustainability.  And since we only want the best, we search for spray-free and organic plants, as well as learning about where each plant comes from.

Effective medicine also means designing custom formulae that are best suited to you as needed.

Every ingredient has medicinal purpose.







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