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the scientific, holistic practice of utilizing plants and plant extracts in the form of essential oil, carrier oil, and hydrolats to improve function of Spirit - Mind - Body; this is aromatic medicine that is Pharmacological, Physiological, Psychological and Spiritual so that every facet of our being may be harmonized to maximize potential in healing, recovery, and living.


The Healing Path begins with belief first.

How does Aromatic Medicine Work ?

Aromatic constituents have an affinity toward a specific area of the body.  This is true whether you rub it into the skin, inhale it, bathe in it ...  It has the determination to arrive exactly where it intends.  The aroma comes from the volatile oil compounds  ( VOCs ).  These VOCs are molecules.  As the molecules are inhaled or applied to skin, they enter the body and within minutes enter the bloodstream further reaching the tissues where they cleverly work their purpose. The aromatic compounds are chemical structures that protect, cleanse, strengthen, heal, and harmonize.  After carefully assessing your needs, we develop a strategy for you to implement.  Our skilled Aromatherapists know the quickest means for metabolizing the medicinal properties of the plants.  


It is clear to us that the most excellent aromatic medicines are based on the following Truths:

  • Pesticide - Free or Organic

  • Absolutely ZERO Synthetics - ever

  • Plant materials are picked at the peak of their growth

  • Oils and Hydrolats are provided the deepest care to protect their medicinal features

  • Specifically designed with the best blends for synergistic impact

  • Blends are created in small batches

  • Produced without compromise (we take every step to ensure high quality medicine, from sanitation of the lab to packaging and delivery)

  • And we honor the Golden Rule:  We make the medicine with the same high respect we desire a skilled therapist would exert to make it for us - each time

Live the vibe!

Custom Blends

Talk with us.  We will discuss your goals and how Aromatherapy will meet your intentions.  Aromatic Medicine applications include:

  • Water Baths

  • Sitz Baths

  • Diffuser Blends

  • Topicals (Crèmes, Balms, Oils, Lotions, Butters, Powders, Masks, Soaps, Wraps, Rinses)

  • Inhalants

  • Room Sprays

  • Linen Sprays

  • Hydrolats


every blend designed with intention for ultimate healing & self-care


Experiencing the aroma through smell unlocks healing - Spirit-Mind-Body.

Joint Health

Go beyond and use essential oils to impact your health, not just a smell-good fragrance to wear.  Joints, skin, internal organs, mental help is available through these powerful oils.


Essential Oils pack a punch when used with massages and other self-care rituals.  Protocols include Points of Reflexology as best suited for each person.


Our essential oils are of the highest quality, being pure and well protected so that the healing constituents remain in tact and ready to go to work.







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