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A powerful practice to improve health naturally

Holistic Care

We are listening.  If you have questions about symptoms, ideas, thoughts and more, we want to hear them. Our clinical practice is designed for clear communication, because this is where it all begins.  No symptom goes un-noted.  Everything points towards something.  And we want you to get onto the path of healing as quickly as possible.  Your concerns will not be swept under a rug.  Holistic Care champions the total person,  Spirit - Mind - Body. 

Health & WellBEing

Authentic Lifestyle

Love.  Prana.  Movement.  Plants.

Plant-based eating has been around since the beginning of time. Iridology, Herbalism and Aromatherapy have been around for more than 6000 years. And Yoga following suit with more than 5000 years in practice. These are ancient clinical modalities that still work today !!


Nature has been evolving for 300 million years.  It is to no wonder that healing naturally is far superior where pharmaceuticals fail to cure.  True Naturopathy is gifted at using Medical Herbalism to address root cause head-on.

Phytomedicine, Integrative Nutrition and Conscious Living
for the Resilient

Clinical Iridology

Wellness revealed in plain sight

Iridodiagnosis... a fascinating Science

for health and wellBEing

Services Preview

Be extraordinary in your endeavor to live the life you love.  It takes a unique boldness to demolish old habits by building new ones.  Resilience is not earned, it's a birthright to rise above.

This is an epic moment!  Take the driver's seat to your destination for wellBEing.  With our health coaching, you will unearth exciting paths that lead you exactly where you want to go.  We know - you've always wanted to rock happiness and health.

Clinical Herbalism

Phytomedicine & Phytotherapy breaking barriers

Medical Herbalism is more than chasing symptoms -  it's Holistic Care getting to the roots.


Aromatic Medicine at its best

Powerful healing through plants

Raw Resilience

Be Extraordinary

In a modern world bombarded with characteristics of

de-generation, it's time to exploit what's good, great, glowing and loving - the cure for ignoring all the signs that your life needs to change now.  This is high - vibration living.  So jump in, live an eco friendly life, go vegan - even better, go raw, love unconditionally and learn to vibe with us !!

Raw Vegan







Always Delicious

For the fresh bliss in life


- Mark Twain -

If you have ever imagined yourself feeling better, healing, and living with the best energy, this is the right place for you. 


Not in our local neighborhood?  We also work with distant clients.

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Why not go out on a limb? 

      That's where the fruit is.

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