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Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Clinical Iridologist

Yoga Instructor

Raw Vegan, Fruitarian Culinary artisan

People say, "Eating raw vegan is impossible".  We say, "With the right commitment, knowledge, and encouragement, this is surprisingly so much more than possible.  It's entirely electrifying."

  Martin, CI  CHHP  INHC  RYT 

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Clinical Iridologist

Yoga Instructor

Raw Vegan, Fruitarian Culinary Artisan 



Why eat raw?  It enables us to live vibrantly.  Raw foods support a lifestyle of conscious living, spirituality, great energy, compassion, seasonal eating, and adventure while maximizing nutrient density and helping the body maintain balance and health.  Whole food is the form the body readily recognizes.  When food is cooked, it becomes denatured... not natural to the body. When something unnatural enters the body, it is seen as an invader.  This is when our system becomes uncomfortable, out of balance and where trouble begins.  The good news is a 100% Raw diet is not necessary to gain the benefits so desperately needed in modern society.


Consider bZengi  |bē.zə'n.jē| guardians of your wellBEing.  bZengi is about finding the balance necessary to create a lifestyle that provokes a healthy, whole "us" and environment.  It's our honor to show you how to exist at the core of wellBEing.


We are board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Certified Iridologists, Certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialists, Registered Yoga Instructors and also members of the International Association for Health Coaches.  And because we believe in putting faith to practice, we serve as Raw Culinary Artisans so you are not left feeling overwhelmed with the "how" of implementing your new lifestyle.


To work with us, here is what you need to know about our style:


  • We enjoy a good joke

  • Times for fun and relaxation are necessary

  • We believe we can catch a tiger by its toe

  • What goes in, will come out

  • Transformation takes dedicated effort and time

  • Stop limiting yourself and start speaking the language of leaps & bounds

  • Listening goes in all directions, because we never know where or when inspiration will strike

  • The wonders of good food and nutrition will never cease to amaze us

  • Living the vibe puts an undeniable smile on your face and a deep happiness in your heart

  • ​and for everything, all it takes is, "A drop to begin..."

  Live the vibe!

"Harness the source of life in raw foods."


  Mango Cilantro      Smoothie

Serves Two

2 cups frozen mango chunks

2 bananas, fresh or frozen

1 small bunch  cilantro, with stems

1.5 C Water

2 TBS Flaxseed

1 TBS Chia seed

1 Large Pinch of Dulse Flakes

In high speed blender, blend until smooth.

Make it all spray-free or organic for extra sweetness!

"Life is an expression of the soul."


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