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bZengi is a holistic practice offering Iridology, Detoxification, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, Corporate Wellness and Yoga services.  As we are trained professionals, we are not medical doctors.  The advice on this site is to be used as a tool for healthy living. Suggestions are not intended to be used as replacement for medical treatment.  


We advise on methods, tools, and foods to incorporate nutrition and a balanced lifestyle from a Whole Foods and Living Right perspective to aid in disease prevention, chronic illness recovery, weight loss, and best health practices.


Our specialty is raw vegan cuisine and conscious living.  When using our recipes and information, you acknowledge that while all recipes are vegan they are not free of all common allergens; therefore, you must search each list of ingredients (otherwise named by bZengi, "inspirations") for any possible allergens specific to your needs.  You may contact us to request ideas for substitutes as necessary.

When following recommendations for foods, yoga poses, meditation, breathing techniques, you acknowledge that you take full responsibility for any and all possible injury.  Please consult your primary care physician regarding any exercise before trying them. 

bZengi monitors blog comments.  We ask that all comments are kept relevant and appropriate to the original posting.  We reserve the right to delete comments deemed inappropriate due to swear language, sales-pitches, irrelevant topics or offensive manners.  Thank you for your participation and assistance with this.


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What you cannot do

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