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Novel Coronavirus

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

In meditation, we practice the mode of simply being. Sitting to observe our breath, while rapid thoughts pour through our mind, is challenging. Before meditating, it helps to set up our environment first by limiting distractions - turning off cell phones, television, radio, and any current cooking. This gives us the best opportunity to meditate with full attention. And when thoughts arise, it is not our job to repel them. Rather, we must practice sitting with the thoughts while distancing our perspective, not actively engaging or entertaining them and continually focusing and refocusing on our breath.

How does this relate to the Novel Coronavirus?

Likewise, during this difficult season of the novel coronavirus rotating throughout the world, we must prepare our internal and external environment. Should this virus cross our path, we will be faced with the questions, "Run? Or brace myself?" We will be better suited to manage our own energy with limited distraction caused by viral contact.

Viruses and bacteria are a necessary part of life, a destructive matter. We cannot get away from them. Their job is to tear down what is weak. (Human tampering is an entire other phenomenon). In fact, we need them to help us stay strong, building immunity and defensive internal frontlines. Taking time to recognize our weakness(es) places us in the unique position to strengthen delicate and frail areas of our being.

After coming in contact and ingesting these matters, a resulting illness pops up. This event is your body ridding itself of the contaminant. Now the body must kick into gear its super powerful method of protecting you by any means necessary. It will fight for you until it has exhausted every tool in its arsenal. HOWEVER, what supplies this arsenal? You do.

What do you do in your daily routine to build a fortified protective layer to your existence?

The ideal scenario:

  • Always breath through your nostrils, especially around public, busy environments

  • Always have sanitizer on hand, and use it frequently - sanitizers of any kind are effective for about 2 minutes only - a hand sanitizer recipe is included in our downloadable booklet, "How To Face The Nasties"

  • Wear a mask and gloves

  • Keep up with laundry - viruses and bacteria have a limited survival period just sitting around in dust and on surfaces

Plastic; up to 72 hours

Stainless Steel; up to 48 hours

Cardboard; up to 24 hours (not dependable data due to too many variables in testing)

Copper & Wood; up to 4 hours

In Sunlight; 1 - 3 minutes

  • Keep a clean home

  • Get some decent exercise - a simple 15 minute walk accompanied by arm movement will do

  • Eat raw

  • Meditate

When we brace ourselves, we become stronger mentally and physically. Our body’s ability to defend us should be top priority during any season and in any environment, because germs are everywhere.

Being strong does not mean we will not take the hit. And the same as in meditation, we prefer to be in the position to allow our system to tackle the contaminant on our behalf while we notice the distraction of the germs without succumbing to the detriment of its destructive behavior.

To learn more about protecting yourself from the novel coronavirus and all other germs, you can study further with "How To Face The Nasties".



Tyra & Martin

Tyra & Martin help people successfully recover from dis-ease and chronic illness. They are experts in getting people on the healing path with a quick start to mending their health and reconnecting with their life by way of True Healing Arts. Their holistic methods enable clients to simplify their approach to regaining vibrancy. If you are interested in taking your own healing to the best level, definitely reach out today to schedule your first conversation.

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