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Creative Mindset

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Change Your Viewpoint to Propel Your Position

Because you are capable of responsible reaction - reaping the benefit of being a decision-maker, you are in the front row viewing every clue that points your attention toward the path best suited.

We have been in position to make choices that looked terrible from other's perspectives. However, trusting Inner Guidance can be difficult. Feeling clumsy or dumb and then wobbling out with a plan doesn't always strike us as right. Then something begins to change. We may have experiences or hear a few words that bring an end to the doubt in our mind. These little hints bring clarity. That is what Inner Guidance does. When we receive that exact frequency of confirmation, then we know-that-we-know we are on the path and look toward taking the next course of action.

Active living can bring about much automated thinking. Take time to ponder and observe and ponder some more. Connecting with mindfulness brings great advantage to your way of life. How many times have you purchased that same granola only to find out that you would never purchase such ingredients? Or why do you only buy the basic fruits - apples, oranges, and bananas while never considering another type?

Creativity is constant and infinite. When you feel clueless, you stepped out of the realm of subconscious connection. You have become logical and eventually stuck.

Tapping into creative thinking is rewarding. Doing this often enough helps you stay ahead.

One of the fastest ways to do this is getting into nature:

  • Go to the lake

  • Go Forest Bathing

  • Visit the beach

  • Play in the yard

  • Camping

  • Listen to playlists of water babbling, storms, wind, fire crackling etc

  • Candlelight yin yoga

  • Gardening

  • Eating whole foods

So many more ideas to consider to help you break out of the box.

Get to a place where you can look out. Observe what you see and how it feels to be exactly where you stand. Even with a gloomy looking atmosphere, your path remains clear. You still know what you need to do. And creativity remains true.

To advance where you want to be, your viewpoint must change. To prove this, you would already be “there” if you did not need to change. This is simply the way it works. Handling the ins and outs of how you think can be tiring because you are working on advancing your position.

Setting yourself up for success in changing your viewpoint is the trick. You must follow each step. Get back into who you are and appreciate the events that have brought you this far. Look to who you want to become and plan the changes necessary to create that outcome. Then all there is left, is to do. If you are paying attention, you will always have Inner Guidance to help you sort through the mottled.

If you have a #visionboard, you are likely already ahead of the curve. There is a majestic experience to be the observer overlooking the grand view. Nothing looks mountainous from up here. It’s difficult to change your mind when you surround yourself with the proper encouragement. You begin to see everything else as toxic. Remember that as you walk the walk and in your daily tasks. Recall your goals and keep going.


Tyra & Martin

Tyra & Martin help people successfully recover from dis-ease and chronic illness. They are experts in getting people on the healing path with a quick start to mending their health and reconnecting with their life by way of True Healing Arts. Their holistic methods enable clients to simplify their approach to regaining vibrancy. If you are interested in taking your own healing to the best level, definitely reach out today to schedule your first conversation.

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