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4 Change Embracing Cues for Facing The Scare

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Powerful Warrior Cues to Finding Courage to Live Your Life Now

It’s incredible to see so much happening that is changing the world in which we live at an alarming rate. Safety is number one- we must maintain low risk. And staying at home for weeks can become daunting, even if it is for our own good.

How do we maintain our being?

Do not lose sight of the positive ways to keep yourself mentally, physically and emotionally stable. No one else can do this for you. So here is a point in the right direction.

Accept that it is safest to avoid being in public or gatherings right now. It’s not best practice to be in close proximity to anyone who is not from our household. Acceptance is vital to how we handle change.


Write a list of your usual schema before the quarantine from the time you wake to the time you retire to bed at night. Looking at this list, put a star next to the tasks that can be completed from home. You may find that most of these functions can be done from your humble abode. An immediate answer may not be available for rolling out your usual routines. Now that you have them written down, you can begin to seek out answers.

Do not let change kick you down and keep you there. Guard yourself with information and knowledge - maybe even a few new skills.

Being active does not mean we suddenly stop our practice. Consider this analogy: As a yogi, the studio is where I lay my mat, … period. Honoring who we are means following the discipline within. The things that we cannot do, allow yourself the space to wait until you can or until the refined way of doing such things shows itself. But either way, do not give up.

You may feel odd being out for essentials only and seeing just about everyone using face masks, gloves and avoiding contact. It’s just strange. Society is different. And it’s not ever going to be the same.

4 Cues to Embrace Change Like A Warrior

1. Be Intelligent.

Gather first-hand knowledge and as much information as possible, so you can make a truly informed decision. Check out the sources. See information from all sides because this will only serve you best.

2. Be Flexible.

Adaptations are happening. If you exercise flexibility, you will sustain through the changing times. Without some give, even the strongest of structures will break. So guard yourself by being pliable.

3. Be Courageous.

Once you have armed yourself with the right information and skills, it’s time to set out on your course. It will look different. It will feel awkward - like wearing new shoes that don’t quite feel like you yet. Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

4. Be Mindful.

Perform what you need to accomplish carefully. Life is not business as usual. Know that things will continue to change and these variations have already affected you. Offer your best ideas and solutions for improvement. There is little to no room for whining and complaining about it. Protect your creativity by throwing out negative thinking. During this time, creativity is essential.

Getting through this environment requires being the warrior of flexibility.


Tyra & Martin

Tyra & Martin help people successfully recover from dis-ease and chronic illness. They are experts in getting people on the healing path with a quick start to mending their health and reconnecting with their life by way of True Healing Arts. Their holistic methods enable clients to simplify their approach to regaining vibrancy. If you are interested in taking your own healing to the best level, definitely reach out today to schedule your first conversation.

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