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Holistic Healing Arts

Body - Mind - Spirit for total wellBEing

There Is More To Learn

We have established courses for you to learn in depth information for everyday healthy living supporting Natural Hygiene.  Information is backed by science and research, as well as, experience. 


How To Face The Nasties Cover.001.jpeg
How To Face The Nasties
Tips for Avoiding Major Hardships with Germs

This course walks you through information much needed in today's climate of fearing viruses and germs. We provide tools to help you boost your support system and to intercept just following the crowd in illness prevention. The information you get from the mainstream articles, may not meet your expectations after learning what we have to say.


Topics include: The True Immune System, Home Cleaning Suggestions, EMF Poisoning, Shin-Rin Yoku (Forest Bathing), 3 Hand Sanitizer Recipes, Infused Tea Remedy Recipes, The Truth About Face Mask Wearing, Disinfectants Described, Essential Oils for Aromatherapy, and Restaurant No-No's - As well as, Shopping Resources.

This information is ideal for caretakers, parents, companion professionals, and anyone interested in learning truth about the best ways to "fight" germs.

Course Content:  

Approximately 70 minute Video

1 Downloadable Book

Certificate:  Pass Quiz with 75% or greater required

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