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Corporate WellBEing

like never seen before

Unleash creativity !  You can initiate employee empowerment to freely pursue happiness, gratitude and  conscious living at your workplace.  When workers feel well, they feel good - and that yields powerful results in productivity and the social environment.  Dive into lifestyle management that directly impacts employees.  

  • Johnson & Johnson reported that it spends $4.5 million each year on its comprehensive preventive-healthcare programs, but it estimates that without these programs its medical bills would be at least $13 million higher.

  • 70% of all medical costs are related to smoking, physical inactivity, food choices and portions, and stress.  

Your teams will be gleaming with results in rapid turnaround.  And you will begin to see short-term benefits and positive long-term goals on the horizon.    Getting results you want to see means putting the right elements together in place.

Valuable Information
   Awesome Action Plan   
Workplace Chi
  • Companies with a wellness program experience 28% decrease in sick day call-outs
  • In a recent study of 185 workers, 57% who were initially classified as high risk because of their health were able to be converted to a low risk status in just 6 months
Institute for Healthcare Consumerism



Inspire Happiness   ~   Reduce Stress

Increase Presenteeism   ~   Decrease Absenteeism

Build Morale   ~   Boost Gratitude  

Spring Liveliness   ~    Unleash Creativity

Encourage true wellBEing in the workplace and put life back into your business.

  Live the vibe!


Create your fabulous worklife

Nosh & Learn


One hour of encouraging and renewing healthy habits

One or a series of workshops for deeper teachings on health topics directly affecting personnel and productivity 
Workshops designed for increasing motivation, clear thinking, and creating possibilities
Group Detox & Decompression
Detox mind and body, to maximize your quality of living
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